Grading Policy

Castle Hill Sports has grading guidelines whereby players will be graded into teams based on their ability, skill level, attitude and commitment. Please note that the 7 and 8 year age groups will not be graded.

The Grading committee consists of internal and external graders appointed by the CHS Committee. No member of the Grading Committee will grade their own child. Grading may be influenced by the number and ages of players registered with the club. Players may be placed in older age groups at the discretion of the Grading Committee and in consultation with the player and their parents. Any requests to play in an older age group will be reviewed by the Grading Committee and will only be approved if this suits both age groups.

CHS hopes that players and parents understand the complexities of grading and the difficulties that the Grading Committee have in achieving teams that have a balanced group of players in different playing positions.

Methods of Grading

Following Registration, all players (9-14 yrs) are required to attend the Grading day(s) allocated to their age group, where the Grading Committee will assess the players’ ability, skills, fitness, attitude, commitment etc. Attendance at this Grading Day is in the best interests of all players and the Club. Players will have the opportunity to play at least once in their two preferred positions.

Grading Dates

Grading is compulsory for players aged 9yrs to 14yrs

These will be held at the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex outdoor netball courts, all players aged 9yrs to 14yrs must attend to assist graders in placing players into appropriate teams.

Tuesday 8th February – 9yrs & 10yrs – 5pm to 7.30pm

Wednesday 9th February – 14yrs – 5pm to 8pm

Tuesday 15th February – 11yrs & 12yrs- 5pm- 7:30pm

Wednesday 16th February – 13yrs – 5pm – 8pm

Preliminary teams will be advised via email and on our website on 28th February 2022.

Please keep these days free or try to make your daughter available as it is imperative that she attends our grading days to ensure placement into the correct team.

During the previous season prior to grading, all players will be observed by members of the Grading Committee/CHS Committee during their normal Saturday games, to assess how they perform during a real game situation.
At the end of the season, each Coach will submit a report to the Grading Committee giving details of each player’s ability and skill level, attitude and commitment and strengths and weaknesses.

If a player is unable to attend the Grading Day, the parent must notify the Club (President, Registrar or Secretary) in writing prior to Grading Day. Grading for this player will then be based on the previous season’s observations and the Coach’s report. If a letter is not received, the player will be placed in a team at the discretion of the CHS Grading Committee.

The teams from the previous season may not remain the same, as players develop at different rates, new players join our club and some may not return, etc. The number of teams and players in each age group may also change. This all requires team rosters to be adjusted.

Castle Hill Sports and the Grading Committee understand that players (and their parents) often want to play sport with friends and in friendship groups. However, it is CHS and the Grading Committee’s duty to place players in teams based on their ability and skill level, taking into account the positions that they have nominated to play. It is also essential that we form balanced teams which include players to cover each position on the court. We strongly encourage players to embrace the opportunity of playing with the team that they have been placed in, and in making new friends. We greatly appreciate the support of parents in ensuring that the team settles in to an enjoyable netball season.

Team Announcements

Preliminary Teams will be announced- 28th February 2022.

Final Teams will be announced- TBA.


If a player is not happy with the decision of the Grading Committee, based on their playing skills, they may appeal requesting a review of the Grading decision.  Appeals based on a particular player being placed into a team with friends, will not be considered.

Appeals will be accepted via email, (not via phone call). Please attached a clear, concise letter to the email. We will acknowledge receipt of the appeal via return email.

The letter must be sent to the CHS Executive within 7 days of the announcement of the preliminary teams. All letters will be responded to after the dispute has been investigated.

The decision of the CHS Committee will be final and binding.

The Selectors and Grading Committee must not be contacted directly in relation to grading. All correspondence and appeals must go via the Club Secretary.

Final Teams (with Coaches and training times) will be posted on the CHS website prior to the start of the Netball Season.