BHN Final Round

Round 11 Format

To finalise what has been quite a challenging season, teams will play one final round in the BHN Winter Competition based on their final placing on the ladder at the end of Round 10.

1v2        3v4       &    5v6

For grades with only 5 teams, BHN will try to arrange a final game.

There will be no ‘Premiers’ or trophies awarded. Instead each player who plays on the day will receive a token to celebrate their participation.

It may be disappointing not having a final series but these are unprecedented times and adjustments need to be made and accepted. We were lucky to have any games at all this season and we need to be grateful to everyone involved for enabling us to play. The extra stress and time involved is unimaginable.

Information regarding our own club end of season arrangements will be forwarded to our members as soon as possible.